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Elysator - Maintenance Manual

Replacement of air separator and shut-off valve

  • Close the inlet and outlet valves to ELYSATOR
  • Take out the air separator
  • Partially empty ELYSATOR (vacuum is released by pressing a spring in the shut-off valve)
  • Take off the shut-off valve
  • Wind hemp around a new shut-off valve and screw in again. Screw the air separator in again.
  • Fill up ELYSATOR with water through the drain valve. Open the in- and outlets.

Replacement of needle and toggle switch

  • Pull the contact pad on the pin tongue.
  • Loosen the screw 4 from the display apparatus and flange.
  • Loosen the screws 8. Remove the channel.
  • Loosen the metal screws 1. Remove flange cover.
  • Change the needle or toggle switch.
  • Re-assemble the apparatus in the opposite order.

Open the apparatus to inspect the anode

When the needle in the inspection apparatus is completely to the left in the red area (“service”) while heating is taking place, the anode must be inspected.

  • Close the inlet and outlet for ELYSATOR
  • Loosen the air separator. Release the vacuum by pressing a spring in the shut-off valve. Let the water run out.
  • Loosen the metal screws 1. Remove the flange cover 3.
  • Pull the contact pad 3 from the cable shoe (female) . Loosen the screws 1 from the display apparatus and the flange.
  • Remove the flange and anode bracket completely. Inspect the Magnesium anode following:
    a) If the anode is exhausted (only the black thread core remains), a new anode must be mounted.
    b) Parts of the anode are to be found. An energy barrier has been formed on the anode, which reduces its ability to function. The anode can still be used, but it must be cleaned first with a hard object (ex knife, do not use a rotating brush). NOTE! It is normal for there to be some encrustation because of oxides. The anode must be cleaned only when the needle falls entirely into the red urea.

 Use of a new anode

  • On the inside the anode is assembled with a cone screw in a counter-bracket. Use spanner SW 17” and hold steady the insulating screw connection 5 on the inside. Loosen the cone screw 7, SW 10 from the anode core.
  • Fit the anode in the same way. Tighten up well. Through this assembly a ring contact is formed between the anode and the screw connection on the front
  • When the anode is mounted, check the insulating screw 5. Tighten if necessary.
  • See that that contact pads are correctly mounted, and that they sit firmly. The contacts must be in order for ELYSATOR to function flawlessly.